Sunday, 18 October 2015

Do you support Australian values?

I was just watching Sunday Night on tv tonight, and it was doing a story on Reclaim Australia, a group that formed because of the Islamic terrorism that occurred in Sydney last year at Lindt Cafe, and a small group of Australians decided to start a group and a movement to 'make Australia safer for their children'.


What I found interesting was that those who oppose them at rallies around Australia have initiated violence against them and burned the Australian flag in protest, which is saying "Fuck 'Reclaim Australia', and fuck Australia." Being the patriotic Aussie that I am myself, that got my back up to start with...

There were a couple of other things I didn't like: 1) the idea that being against the biggest terrorist influence in the country is 'racist', when Islam is actually a religion not a race, and 2) the idea that supporting Australian values is something that should be protested against and portrayed as bad and the Australian flag should be burned for it.

When the story started, I had a look at the Reclaim Australia page on Facebook, and it had about 35,000 members. By the time the story had finished, that had grown to over 40,000 members. The Sunday Night show notified viewers that they could vote in a poll on the show's website: "DO YOU THINK RECLAIM AUSTRALIA REPRESENTS AUSTRALIAN VALUES?"

I voted yes, and found that over 60% had also voted yes. As I'm writing this, the poll is showing over 70% voted yes.


What about you? Are you an Australian who supports Australian values, or do you oppose Australian values?

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