Sunday, 3 November 2013

The kind of feminism I oppose

I really should clarify what exactly I mean when I say I oppose feminism, because I know there are many people out there who might wonder exactly what I oppose about it. Simply, I oppose any feminist who feels that 'equality' needs to be achieved at the expense of men and boys, and who does nothing to oppose 'radical feminism'.

Statements like 'not all feminists are like that' are a waste of time and irrelevant, because there's only ONE feminist that I know of who actually stands up and opposes the misandric notions of feminism, and in return for trouble she has my respect (not to mention an incredible number of death threats from feminists who think she's a traitor to the cause). Her name is Christina Hoff Summers (Facebook, Twitter). Follow her, she's awesome.

The result of feminist beliefs and activism are laws and policies created to favour women by discriminating against men, disadvantaging men, or punishing men, simply because they're men.

Feminists think that the world would be better off if men were punished for being men. Some of them even believe that men should be eliminated (genocide... or gendercide?) from this world, and it would be a better place.

The kinds of hostility that feminists have towards men is ridiculous, and does nothing for their attempts to achieve equality. All they want is to exercise their own personal anger against men and call it 'feminism'.

There is strength in the feminine. A feminine woman can achieve equality without it needing to be at the expense of men. Her strength and her achievements can do more for feminism than the angry stupidity of those who just want to lash out at all men in general because of their own personal issues

I oppose feminists who....

So I oppose feminists who are hostile and combative towards men, and I oppose policies that discriminate and disadvantage men and boys.

I favour feminists who....

I'm in favour of feminists who understand that we're all here together, and that equality isn't about women striving to be better than men, but for both men and women to work with each other and understand their differences and how those differences can actually be strengths.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, and any great partnership tries to understand how to leverage each other's strengths to overcome any weaknesses, so that they can successfully work together.

I believe we can strive for a great partnership of equality between men and women without needing to destroy men in the process.

Men need to understand what's going on

Since there are feminists out there that think they're involved in a war against men, who are engaging in tactics designed to beat their perceived enemy, then it is necessary for that 'enemy' (men) to truly understand what's going on and defend themselves. If they don't, then the results will be that men become second class citizens, rather than equal partners within humanity. Ignorance may be bliss, but it's not a suitable defence.

A rallying call for men and even women

It's my intention that this blog will provide another perspective to help men realise what's going on, to wake up and take the red pill, and to understand that there are feminists out there that want to discriminate against them, disadvantage them in favour of women, and even punish them for the crime of being a man.

I know that there will be women who also support this, who oppose the idea that women need to be at war with men, and oppose laws or policies that discriminate or punish men. I would hope that those women will add their own voices to the men that are calling out for change, and I would hope that we can all find ways to work together.

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