Thursday, 31 October 2013

Why this blog

I live in Australia, and while I'm aware that most of the bullshit I see in the media comes from the US, we still have our fair share of it over here in our country too. However, that doesn't stop me from getting angry at the crap I see coming from the media and from various social media sites and the people on them.

I was often sharing what angered and frustrated me on my Facebook profile, but I realised last night that I needed to do more. I shared for a while on my own personal blog, and while that's certainly an appropriate place to share my opinions and observations, I didn't want to have too much of this stuff on my personal blog.

So I decided to create a dedicated blog for the purpose of sharing my thoughts and opinions on a lot of the feminist rubbish I see out there.

It's not just 'feminist rubbish' - it's also 'misandry in action'.
Misandry - the hatred, discrimination and objectification of men by women.
You see, misogyny is what we all hear about - it's the hatred, discrimination and objectification of women by men. But we never heard about misandry, which is the same - but for women hating men. And we know there's a lot of women that hate men out there.

You don't see a lot of discussion about it because it's not a popular topic in this world of feminist-friendly topics, and talking about women's hatred of men is just something everyone tries to avoid. It's not politically correct to talk about how women hate men.

But every time you see or read about a woman engaging in violence against a man, and you see it being applauded by other women, or discussed as being a reasonable reaction against a man, you're seeing misandry in action.

Every time you see or read about men being mostly portrayed as stupid, ignorant, or violent, you're seeing misandry in action.

Every time you see half-naked men on billboards and magazine covers while you also read about feminist disgust of half-naked women on billboards and magazine covers, you're seeing misandry in action.

You're also seeing double standards and hypocrisy, where it's ok for women to do something, but it's not ok for men to do the same.

I have a significant problem with this, and so whenever I see that kind of thing, I try to point it out as being wrong.

Why this blog?

So that I can dedicate such activities here, instead of on other blogs or my Facebook account. So that it's a single location for all the material I'm going to be sharing or discussing, instead of having it spread around over multiple locations.

Just to let you know, I DO know there's still a lot of misogyny going on out there, with men engaging in violence against women, or sexism and discrimination. I know it's occurring, and I know it's wrong.

But there's already a lot being done to fight the misogyny, the violence, the sexism and the discrimination against women in our society, so I don't see the need to add my voice to the multitude of voices already speaking up about it.

But there's very few speaking up about sexist discrimination and violence against men.

The implication that only men engage in hateful actions against women while women are only innocent victims is something I want to add my voice to and say HELL NO!

Feminists are quick to point out misogyny in action, and that's great. I'm an egalitarian and a masculinist, so I'm going to be quick to point out misandry in action as well.

That's why this blog.

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