Monday, 13 May 2013

Is feminism sexist?

There’s this belief that only men can be sexist. Even the official definitions state it’s mostly about discrimination against women, as if only men can be sexist:
prejudice or discrimination based on sex ; especially discrimination against women.
When was it ok for women to be sexist, but for men, not?

I wonder how many feminists look at romance books or movies, and feel joy in the objectification of men, while complaining about the objectification of women?

I’m starting to feel that I’m not against feminism. I’m not even against radical feminism.

No, what I’m really against are hypocrites.

Feminism seeks prejudice or discrimination in favour of women over men, while they complain about any perceived prejudice or discrimination in favour of men over women. They enjoy the objectification of men, while complaining about the objectification of women.

I detest hypocrites.

It’s not just feminists that do this and encourage me to feel anger towards their hypocrisy. It’s also governments. And it’s a conversation I had with someone about the hypocrisy of governments that led me to realising I was against the hypocrisy of feminism.

One of the things I’m often expressing my frustration with is the abuse of justice and the oppression of freedom in the United States. For a country that says they are the land of the free, they incredibly have the most people in prison out of anywhere on the planet. Even Communist dictatorships like China have far less people in prison than the US.

It was pointed out to me that if I was against those who oppress freedom, then I should be against all countries that oppress freedom, like China. So why do I single out the US for my attention?

I thought about it for a while and I realised that it’s because those other countries don’t pretend to be the land of the free. They don’t pretend that they give their people freedom, while constantly arresting them. No, they’re quite open about their restrictions. They’re honest, and the people are under no illusions about their freedom, or lack thereof.

I realised that it was the American government’s hypocrisy, on one hand saying their country has the most freedom in the world, while on the other hand arresting everyone that dares to question them. Or just shoot them. It’s their hypocrisy that angers me. If the US government just did away with the Constitution and declared martial law, there would no longer be any illusions and lies and deceptions. I could respect them for their honesty. But I have nothing to respect at the moment.

And it’s the same with feminism.

Feminists are hypocrites. They say they seek equality, while demanding special privileges for their gender. They do their best to promote the power of women over men, and empower women to have power over men, while complaining about men doing the very same thing.

Someone posted on Google+ today that men should respect women, which resulted in me being inspired to do this post. The comments over there included the following:

“Of course…”

“I am definitely teaching my son that!”
And various conversations agreeing, or talking about God.

I wrote some comments that were essentially this:
It should be ‘teach your children to respect people’. I don’t understand why there’s a message going out that women deserve respect but men don’t. It should just be ‘people deserve respect’. But the truth is, respect needs to be earned, not based on gender. If a woman’s a bitch, she’s not getting my respect.
Someone else wrote:
Alan, it is cultural. Many, oh so many, of the valuable and unique special global cultures enslave women. And slaves, of course
So of course, I had to reply:
I agree. But those who enslave women aren’t the ones reading these photos. And sticking a sign in the hands of a bunch of kids who probably can’t understand it, so that a photo can be taken and shared in the first world for people to read who can’t or won’t do anything to change the third world, is certainly not going to change those cultural aspects that the rest of us disagree with. But hey, as long as it makes a few people feel good, it’s worthwhile, right? :)

The essence of my disagreement is based on that. The photo is being presented in the first world, in a culture that doesn’t enslave women, and is trying to teach first world children that only women should be respected. Obviously a woman came up with it. And a woman shares it. And men say nothing or agree, because they don’t want to be seen as sexist, when its very message is sexist anyway.
And I’ve been thinking about it since then, and decided to write about it.

Feminists are sexist. They promote concepts that are designed to favour women over men, and create legislation designed to screw men over in favour of women, and design social and workplace policies that disadvantage men over women. Feminism is all about doing their best to disadvantage men while elevating and empowering women at men’s expense.

And they say that only men can be sexist.

Think about this:

  • We have gyms for everyone and gyms for women, but we can’t have gyms for men.
  • We have clubs for everyone, and clubs for women, but we can’t have clubs for men.
  • We have hockey teams for everyone, and hockey teams for girls, but we can’t have hockey teams for boys.
  • We have rights for humans and we can have rights for women, but we can’t have rights for men.

Don’t tell me that ‘things for everyone’ should be enough for men, because it’s obviously not enough for women.

There’s too much bullshit going on about men only being sexist. Men disrespecting women. Boys need to be trained to respect women. All men are paedophiles. All men are rapists. All men are violent. Only women are victims of domestic abuse.

So I’ve made a decision

Wherever I see feminist sexism in action, I’ll point out their hypocrisy. I’ll speak up and remind them that if they’re striving for equality, then – in the context of the above photo - everyone should be taught how to respect everyone. Not just boys taught to respect women, but children taught to respect people.

And in the context of anything else, I’ll do my part in standing up and saying, “Hey! If you don’t like sexism from men, don’t be sexist yourself. Don’t encourage feminist sexism if you think masculine sexism is bad.”

If we move away from gender based sexism, whether it’s from men or women, and just move towards equality for everyone, I think we’ll all be a lot better off.

Do you think that’s possible?

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