Friday, 3 May 2013

Against radical feminism

Last year I shared a picture on Google+ of a sexy woman. One of my female followers told me how horrible I was for sharing photos of sexy women. I asked her if she objected to men appreciating sexy women. She blocked me, so I guessed she did.

Have you noticed that the women who object to photos of sexy women are usually the ones who aren't sexy themselves? I think they’re jealous, which is why they get offended, and they want to put a stop to such objectification of sexy women because they're upset that they're not getting that kind of attention themselves.

The sexy women out there usually don't mind!

Which, of course, brings me to the subject of feminism.

I appreciate feminine women, and I appreciate the differences between men and women. I have no time for women that want to be masculine, or for men who want to be feminine.

I've been told that my opinion makes me sexist and a bigot, but I don't particularly care. I guess it’s because I believe in the natural separation of the sexes, and no matter what anyone says, I'm always going to see men and women.

Feminism, where it fights for the rights of women as equals, is fantastic. I completely support that. Always have and always will.

What I'm against, however, is the ideas of the ‘man haters’ out there. The 'radical feminists'.
How dare men be attracted to women! Oh, the horror!
Before I continue, readers of this post should understand something really important. I'm not going to care about any judgements you might have about me as a result of my views as a man, because I don't need your approval to enjoy my life and the beliefs I have in it. If you don't like what I have to say, then you're free to leave.

Getting back to feminism…

I know there’s a lot of women out there who don’t appreciate the ‘man hating’ feminists telling them what they can and can’t do in relation to men. If they want to walk around half naked and have men enjoy the beauty before them, they should be allowed to. And I’m not going to argue with them about it!

Unless they're fat. I object to fat women walking around half naked....

Many radical feminists believe that if a man admires or appreciates a woman, it's the same as desiring to rape them. Her consent around what he's thinking is not required, therefore they see it as 'rape'. I guess these women have been raped themselves, and it's hurt them so much they can’t see past it, and that's all they see. Somewhat understandable, and I’m sorry for that. But they should get counselling for it.

The brutal, criminal actions of some men doesn’t mean all men want to rape all women, just like the brutal, criminal actions of some women doesn't mean all women want to kill men. A man being attracted to a woman doesn’t mean he wants to rape her. But I don’t think these particular feminists understand that though.

I believe in equal rights for everyone, and equality in the workplace and at home. I believe that everyone should be entitled to live the life that they want to live, as long as their choices harm no one else.

Also, opposing feminism is not the same as supporting rape. That kind of statement is just stupid, and anyone that makes claims like that is also stupid. Just so you know in case you’re thinking of making such a stupid claim. I've seen some feminists making statements like that, where they say that if you're against feminism then you're in favour of rape.


Women want to be appreciated as women, but when they’re not, and they’re hurt by those men they expected to appreciate them, they place a curse upon them all. And the rest of the men out there have to live with it.

Or the man can choose to spend time with women that prefer to be feminine.

I’m sure you can imagine what I prefer.

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