Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Redefining the Men's Rights Movement

I really think we need to redefine this 'men's rights movement', as many are calling it. It shouldn't be about 'men's rights', because men have all the rights they need. They're called human rights, and they're called the normal rights available to all people within this society.

Instead, this is about empowering men to take action on the things that are important to them in their daily lives.

Too many men let their lives be controlled by others, whether that's their family, their wives, their work, or their own personal feelings of powerlessness. These men are weak because they're not taking control. They're being passive, feminine, and it subconsciously angers them. But they look for a reason outside of themselves, refusing to accept responsibility for their own weaknesses.

Being a man is about taking action and taking decisive control of your life. Both men and women can do this, and often do. However, many men that don't, often end up blaming others for their inability to succeed, and feminism is a handy target for men's feelings of helplessness and anger against what they see as controlling, more masculine women.

Men who blame feminists for their problems in this world are being weak. They're also being passive aggressive, blaming someone else for their inability to take action, while continuing to take no action.

Men need to make a decision to stop approaching this from a position of weakness, and stop being angry about their feelings of powerlessness. They need to take action in decisive ways that returns them to feeling 'like a man'.

Taking control of your life is the best way to show the feminists that you can't be controlled by their stupidity. Reacting with anger and getting drawn into their world just plays into their bullshit and does nothing positive for you.

React with strength and decisiveness about the actions that you can take in your own life that improve it for you, and for those that you meet and interact with. That's the best way to do what's right for you and for other men. Be a positive inspiration for masculinity. Stop being whiny bitches and just be men.

We need to find strategies that empower men, rather than fight feminism. Feminism will get worse if we fight it. They will be forced to defend themselves and defend their ideology. Any attempts to destroy it will simply empower it to grow.

The fight isn't really with feminism. The fight is with men's feelings of weakness and anger. That's the fight we need to focus on. By changing the war, we invalidate what the enemy stands for.

"If you're against feminism it means you hate women!" they scream.

Don't give them that ammunition. Be in favour of empowering all men and women to do what is right for themselves and for those they care about, while focusing on empowering men to ignore the powers that try to drag them down. Help them stand up and do what's right.

Help men choose to act decisively and take control of their lives. That's an objective worth fighting for.

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